the invisible crisis - 60 second documentary

Since 1964, Colombia has been haunted by a civil war feeling almost impossible to tame. The conflict between Colombian government, Marxist guerrillas and paramilitary groups have generated in articles, involvement from the west and even resulted in a Nobel Peace Prize for Colombias president Juan Manuel Santos last year.

Seldom spoken of though are the real victims of over half a century of fighting.
As of now, over six million people - a tenth of Colombias entire population - are considered internally displaced. Forced from their homes and families due to years of violence they live in deplorable conditions, in constant fear of arbitrary killings with no long-term solution in sight.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) labels the problem ”one of the worlds forgotten crises”.

It’s time to stop forgetting and take action.

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This is royal republic - mini documentary/EPK - 2016

In late 2007, four vastly different musicians emerged from Malmo’s music academy with one thing in common - the ambition to make their dream their reality. After more than 500 shows, two highly praised albums and with more hunger then ever they are ready to embark on the world with their third album.

Produced to serve as a Electronic Press Kit(EPK) for the release of Royal Republic's new album - Weekend Man(2016).


A short, guerilla-style documentary about the band John Bull Gang - a group of friends from the southern woods of Sweden who are about to embark on their first European tour.

Awarded a premiere at Filmhuset in Stockholm 

Shot with: Panasonic GH3 & Gopro Hero 4 Black Lenses: Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 & SLR MAGIC 50mm f/0.95

Edited: Adobe Premiere CS6 & Adobe After Effects CS6

Grading: Color Finesse 5 & Film Convert 2 LUT: Osiris M31(rec709)


Metelkova, Slovenia.

Kalmar, Sweden.

Kastrup, Copenhagen.

Zagreb, Croatia.